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Most Chinese State-owned enterprises are not relevant to tra

ade negotiations. Many are in non-tradable sectors such as property develop ment, infrastructure, or concrete. Others are basically public utilities in telecoms or power. Some Chinese car companies are State-owned, usually by provincial govern ments, but the car business in China is very highly competitive and foreign brands are very successful. In any case, the…

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As an important power promoting human develop

ment and progress, international communicators should further play up their special role in advancing unders tanding, deepening friendship and expanding cooperation in the fast-changing world. They should push world pro gress in the right historical direction while promoting exchanges among civilizations and mutual learning. First, we should act as promoters of exchanges among human civilizations.…

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More European countries expected to follow its lead as h

With Italy becoming the first of the Group of Seven industrialized nations to sign on to the Belt and Road Initiative during President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the country, the China-proposed connectivity plan might gain more participants, observers said. Xi and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte witnessed the signing of the intergovernmental me morandum…

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