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The core of Beijing’s high-quality development is to

 better deal with the relationship between ‘capital’ and ‘city’, which is to strengthen the four funct ions of Beijing — the national center of politics, culture, international communications and scient ific innovation,” said Cai Qi, Party secretary of Beijing, last month during the two sessions. According to the municipal authority, the new economy — industries…

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Rice project benefits nations in Asia, Africa

Chinese scientist says resilient varieties boost harvests, minimize use of fertilizers A decadelong agricultural project spearheaded by Chinese scientists has helped alleviate poverty for more than 1.6 million f arming households in 18 Asian and African countries through cultivation of high-yield and resilient rice strains. The Green Super Rice project, led by the Chinese Academy…

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As a leading company in regional development planning

 Roland Berger has contributed to China’s economic development for more than three decades and would like to bring those experiences to Xiongan’s development, Jiang said. “As Xiongan New Area is a national strategy and therefore receives attention and support from the highest levels, its devel opment must demonstrate very high standards and utilize innovations and…

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